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Fibreglass Roofing in Horsham, Shoreham and Worthing

While we’re a knowledgeable and highly specialised roofing company ourselves, we’re never complacent in thinking our Horsham, Shoreham, Worthing and West Sussex customers have their own understanding of GRP fibreglass roofing. Many homeowners in these areas, particularly those with properties fitted with a flat roof, will be more familiar with felt. This is a hot application roofing system which uses bitumen sealant to bond bitumen felt sheets.


The problem with felt roofing is that is deteriorates quickly and frequently needs repairing. GRP fibreglass roofing, manufactured from reinforced glass plastic and originally used to repair boats and yachts, provides a long-term alternative to felt roofing. While our company offers 15 year guarantees to customers in Horsham, Shoreham and Worthing, a GRP fibreglass roofing installation has the capacity to last for up to 30 years and even more.

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The GRP Fibreglass Roofing Installation Process


The materials we use on flat roof structures in Sussex are single-ply membranes fitted over OSB3 decking boards, and consist of fibreglass matting, resins and topcoats. Importantly, our GRP roofing specialists can add pigments to topcoats in order to create colours which tie in with the design themes of the properties we work on. Because we never paint over the top of finished fibreglass roofing, there are never any concerns about peeling.


Preparing the Boards and Trim


We replace existing and damaged boards at your Horsham, Shoreham, Worthing or West Sussex property with OSB3 decking laid at 90˚ angles to the joists, turned correctly to allow for better lamination and the easier flow of resin into the joints. After aligning to the fascias, our roofing contractors make cuts at specified lengths to allow for board expansion.


After fixing the OSB3 boards to the joints, we add GRP roofing trims with a one-side matt finish for better adhesion, and secure them into place using galvanised nails.




Ahead of using resin, we cut fibreglass roofing matting to size and use glass bandages to line the joints. The matting lies parallel to the drip trim with a slight overlap with uneven ends removed by a sharp knife. By this stage, the flat roofing structure of your Horsham, Shoreham or Worthing property is ready for laminating, an important part of the process.


Our roofing contractors mix resin batches in small amounts because the material dries quickly and this helps in avoiding wastage. After applying resin to the joints and adding bandages, we coat the fibreglass roofing matting with resin too, taking particular care with the corners, and working to a ratio of around 3 to 1 for the matting and the board.




After leaving the resin to cure, we sand the corners and bandages to create a smooth surface and to promote adhesion. In most cases, the topcoat of fibreglass roofing is added inside 24 hours of the resin application. Prior to using topcoats at your Horsham, Shoreham, Worthing or Sussex property, we add a catalyst and, if required, coloured pigment.


Our roofing company always pays strict attention to times and weather conditions before applying resins and topcoats. In doing so, we ensure perfect conditions for curing and the final result is a superior GRP fibreglass roofing installation guaranteed for a full 15 years.


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