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Roofing in Horsham | Flat Roof Installation and Repair Services

Located in Steyning, and covering all locations in West Sussex, Southdown GRP understands what it takes to repair a flat roof using modern working systems. We’ve been a flat roofer for the Horsham area since 2002, and much of the work we do for customers in this historic market town relies heavily on GRP roofing. GRP is an innovative fibreglass roofing material, and a preferred choice for flat roofing installation and repair work with contractors.


Fibreglass roofing delivers a seamless, watertight finish that traditional flat roof materials, hot felt and bitumen products in particular, fail to match. Also suitable for roofing terraces in the Horsham area because of its resistance to foot traffic, GRP roofing has a reputation for being one of the most durable, hardwearing surfaces in our sector.


Because we value our reputation as a flat roofer, and because we care about the feedback from our many Horsham customers, we’d never place our faith in another roofing material. GRP Fibreglass roofing is, and always will be, our product of choice. When you see the many benefits GRP roofing provide, we think you’ll make it your preferred product too!


  • Use GRP on the flat roof of your Horsham property without having to worry about ongoing maintenance. At Southdown GRP, we guarantee fibreglass roofing for 15 years but some of the original installations we worked on in 2002 are still in place and providing exceptional ongoing performance, year after year
  • Choose a suitable shade for your flat roofing from a vast palette of thousands of colours. The flat roofer we assign to your project adds pigment to the topcoat instead of painting over the top of it, so the final finish never peels away
  • The materials used for GRP roofing were developed for boats, yachts and light aircraft, and have excellent waterproofing qualities. Our installations provide total protection for the underlying roofing structure of your Horsham property
  • If you wish to convert an existing flat roof into a terrace, GRP roofing provides a stable surface capable of withstanding large volumes of footfall. This is because we used innovative resins during the installation process which strengthen the integrity of fibreglass roofing and make it strong enough to walk on with breaking
  • The seamless finish of fibreglass roofing leave nowhere for water to penetrate. Just as importantly, when a flat roofer uses GRP on sheds and outbuildings in the Horsham area, the seamless finish makes it harder for intruders to break through


While GRP is primarily used as a fibreglass roofing material, it isn’t restricted to use on flat roof structures. Southdown GRP uses GRP roofing materials for ponds, water features, swimming pools, porches and a wide range of features at properties in Horsham. We know that you’ll be just as impressed with the versatility of GRP fibreglass as we are ourselves.


Southdown GRP provides GRP fibreglass roofing services for customers in Horsham and the surrounding West Sussex area. Call 01903 814865 for a free quotation.