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Fibreglass Roofing in Shoreham | Applications and Benefits

If you are currently thinking about having GRP roofing installed at your property in Shoreham, but would like to know more about it before making a decision, Southdown GRP provides further details on the different applications and benefits below. As a flat roof specialist, we understand GRP fibreglass roofing better than most, and we see how it dramatically improves properties on a daily basis. That’s why Shoreham makes us its most trusted flat roofer.


Here, we’ve included helpful information and advice regarding our popular roofing services and the GRP fibreglass materials used during the course of our work.


What is GRP Roofing?


GRP is an abbreviation for Glass Reinforced Polyester. Also known as fibreglass roofing, GRP originally became popular in the manufacture of boats, cars and light aircraft. In more recent years, further development into the material identified its suitability for flat roof installation and repair work. Since then, many properties in Shoreham have benefitted from GRP roofing. Today, it is a popular, cost-effective choice for flat roofers and homeowners alike.


What is in GRP Roofing?


A GRP flat roof consists of several layers. The first is a base layer of cold polyester resin, which a flat roofer applies to the new or restored timber deck. Fibreglass matting consolidates and reinforces the base layer, and an additional layer of resin forms the main waterproof laminate on a flat roofing installation. GRP trims complete the system, and a coloured topcoat protects Shoreham properties from the impact of direct sunlight and wet weather conditions.


Is GRP Roofing Affordable?


We believe the use of GRP on a flat roof to be one of the most cost-effective installation and repair choices. As a competitive flat roofer, we offer fantastic prices on GRP roofing for customers in Shoreham and the surrounding areas. Compared to other flat roof surfacing options, such as single-ply membranes, GRP provides better value because it lasts longer.


Can I Walk on GRP Roofing?


Yes. GRP roofing has a hardwearing surface which is puncture and impact resistant, which makes it versatile enough not just for flat roof repairs, but also for installations subjected to foot traffic. When we install GRP fibreglass roofing in Shoreham for customers with roof terraces and walkways, the flat roofer we assign to the job uses a reinforced fibreglass matting.


Please contact us if you are considering the repair or installation of a roof terrace, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options as well as show you examples of our previous work.


Does GRP Roofing Come in Different Colours?


GRP roofing comes in a standard dark grey finish but we can supply any colour for a flat roof to match the design theme of your Shoreham property. Grey is the most popular colour choice because it provides solar-reflective benefits. A flat roofer can also use GRP for a host of other applications, such as swimming pools, water features, guttering and garden outbuildings.


If you would like to find out more about GRP roofing services in Shoreham, talk to an experienced flat roofer by calling 01903 814865.