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Answered Questions on GRP Fibreglass Roofing in Worthing

Southdown GRP is the customer-friendly flat roofer, and the company that always goes the extra mile to provide as much information as possible about our roofing services in Worthing. On this page, we’ve answered some of the more frequently-asked questions we receive about flat roof installations and repairs, and also about the GRP roofing systems we use.


We want to help you understand more about us, how we conduct our roofing business and why we choose GRP fibreglass as our roofing installation and repair product of choice. If you have any questions we haven’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.


When did Southdown GRP start out?


Southdown GRP started in 2002 and since then, we’ve built an incredible reputation as a flat roofer with extensive knowledge of modern repair systems. We’ve built our business on first-class workmanship and superior customer care. Today, thanks to modern GRP roofing, we’re proud to call ourselves leading flat roof specialists for Worthing and the surrounding areas.


Do you supply GRP roofing for commercial companies in Worthing?


Yes. Our services are mainly for homeowners but we’d always be more than happy to carry out GRP roofing installation and repair services for commercial clients in Worthing. Call us now to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation. We understand that a sound roofing structure for your business provides vital protection for your assets and those who work on your behalf.


Do you guarantee flat roof services?


GRP roofing comes with a 15-year guarantee, and so does our workmanship. Our durable and hardwearing fibreglass roofing surfaces last for many years. Today’s most modern roofing materials, combined with our installation and repair experience, often see the flat roof of a Worthing property performing well for periods in excess of 25 years – and sometimes more.


All work undertaken by any flat roofer on our team meets the strict quality standards that our company is so well known for, and which we constantly strive to improve.


What colours do you supply GRP roofing in?


We can offer a full spectrum of colours for fibreglass roofing to match the surroundings of your Worthing property. Most of the time, we finish flat roof installations in grey because it acts as a natural reflector of sunlight and protects your home from ultraviolet rays. However, the choice is always yours own and we can finish GRP roofing in any colour you might have in mind.


How much does GRP roofing cost?


Cost is dependent on the size of the installation. Compared with other roofing materials, GRP is a cost-effective choice because it last longer. It also needs less maintenance, so you won’t need the services of a flat roofer as often as you might with a Worthing property built with a pitched roof, where tile and slate replacements are more frequent especially after high winds.


How long does a flat roof take to install?


On average, a flat roofer can complete a GRP roofing installation in a single day. When we visit your Worthing home or business to provide a quotation for roofing repair or replacement work, we’ll give you an exact timescale and, wherever possible, a fixed price, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how long the actual work on your flat roof is likely to take.


Southdown GRP provides GRP roofing services for customers in Worthing and the surrounding West Sussex area. Call 01903 814865 for a free quotation.